Scams when booking your driving practical test or theory test beware of the scams !

There are a number of sites out there which say they will book your test for you. There are a number of these that come up when I search Google for “book driving test” or “Book Theory test” a lot of site pop up in the sponsored listings yellow on google

Scams when Booking Driving Test – Theory Test on Line ?

All these sites will do is charge an extra fee for booking your test for you. They won’t get you an earlier driving test, and they will charge up to £50 more as a booking administration fee. Some are even run by national driving schools

They try to look as similar to the official DSA website as possible in order to trick you into parting with your cash. Only Book you driving test and theory test from website which are .gov and save yourself £20 or more.

How to book your tests

Always use a .gov website or telephone

Enquiry and booking phone number

0300 200 1122 (English language)
0300 200 1133 (Welsh language)

Theory Test Fees,  Car  £31.00,   Motorcycle  £31.00

Practical test type

Weekday price

Weekday evening, weekend and bank holiday price

Car £62.00 £75.00
Motorcycle: module one (off road) £15.50 £15.50
Motorcycle: module two (on road) £75.00 £88.50
Bus, coach and lorry: vocational £115.00 £141.00
Bus, coach and lorry: Driver CPC practical testThis fee includes the automated issue of your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) £55.00 £63.00
Tractor and other specialist vehicles £62.00 £75.00
Car and trailer £115.00 £141.00

Extended test for disqualified drivers

Weekday price

     Saturday  price

Car £124.00      £150.00
Motorcycle: module one £15.50      £15.50

Misleading Introductory Offers.
Many schools offer introductory lessons 5 lessons for £56, 10 for £89 If they are not the first 5 or 10 lessons why not ? Does the lesson price go up if you have this offer ? Do you have to save lessons for the week of your driving test. Is the lesson price more expensive lessons after taking this offer ?  If you leave they will they keep the money for lessons you have paid for. A good driving instructor would keep his pupils after any introductory offer.

Test Day Fees Scams
Some instructors charge up to £62 for the hour of your driving test. Why should you pay more for the hour of your driving test? It doesn’t cost any more to use the car for a test and the fuel and insurance is no dearer, some schools do this just to make quick buck out of you.

Free Theory Training Scams.
The free training that take weeks and will slow down taking your theory test, which then delays the practical test making you have more driving lessons. Most good driving instructors will help you with theory training during lessons.

Higher Rates for Evenings & Weekends Scams.
Should you ever have to pay more for evenings and weekend driving lessons? No, it’s just another way of exploiting people who aren’t free during the week. We never charge extra for evenings or weekends.

Pass in a week scams Seaside Courses Scams
A lot of driving courses are not done on a basic of one pupil to one instructor in the car. Half of your allotted hours are just sitting in the back seat watching another pupil drive. Driving courses are a great way to pass, Booking the driving test and then booking your lessons around that date. Always book the test in an area you know and have been learning in.

Trainee instructors:
Many driving schools use “Pdi instructors” they are not fully qualified. You might as well take lessons from your Parents or a friend, Pdi licences are given for 6 months so the trainee can get a bit of experience so he or she might be learning more from you than you are from them.